vediḥ वेदिः

Definition: वेदिः [विद्-इन्] A learned man, sage; Paṇḍita. -दिः, -दी f. 1 An altar, especially one prepared for a sacrifice; उर एव वेदिः Ch. Up.5.18.2; अमी वेदिं परितः क्लृप्त- धिष्ण्याः (वह्वयः) Ś.4.8. -2 An altar of a particular shape, the middle points of which come very close to each other; मध्येन सा वेदिविलग्नमध्या Ku.1.39; (some propose to take वेदि in this passage as meaning 'a sealring'). -3 A quadrangular spot in the court-yard of a temple or palace; विमानं नवमुद्वेदि चतुःस्तम्भप्रतिष्ठितम् (कल्पयामासुः) R.17.9. -4 A seal-ring. -5 Name of Sarasvatī. -6 A tract or region. -Comp. -ईशः 1 Name of Agni. -2 of Brahman. -जा an epithet of Draupadī who was born from the midst of the sacrificial altar of king Drupada. -मेखला the cord which forms the boundary of the उत्तरवेदि.

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