vedaka वेदक

Definition: a. (ikâ) making known; rendering conscious; -kâra, m. composer of the Veda; -kumbha, m. Name of a teacher; -kakshus, n. eye of the Veda; -gña, a. knowing the Veda; -tattva, n. true nature oressence of the Veda: -½artha, m. true meaning of the Veda: -vid, a., -vidvas, pt. knowing the true meaning of the Veda; -traya, n. the three Vedas; -tva, n. nature of the Veda; -darsana, n. occurrence or mention in the Veda: ab. in accordance with the Veda; -darsin, a. having an insight into or know ing the Veda; -dâna, n. imparting the Veda.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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