veṇaḥ वेणः

Definition: वेणः 1 A musician by caste; cf. वैदेहकेन त्वम्बुष्ठ्यामुत्पन्नो वेण उच्यते Ms.1.19; वेणानां भाण्डवादनम् 1.49. -2 Name of a king, son of Aṅga and said to be a descendant of Manu Svāyambhuva. [When he became king, he issued a proclamation prohibiting all worship and sacrifices. The sages strongly remonstrated with him, but when he turned a deaf ear to their words, they killed him with 'blades of consecrated Kuśa grass.' The kingdom was now without a ruler. So they rubbed the thigh of the dead body, until a Niṣāda came forth, short in stature and with a flat face. They then rubbed the right arm, and from it sprang the majestic Pṛithu (see Pṛithu). According to the Padma Purāṇa, Veṇa began his reign well, but subsequently fell in to Jaina heresy. He is also said to have caused confusion of castes; cf. Ms.7.41;9.66-67.]. -3 A worker in reed or bamboo; Ms.4.215 (com. वेणोर्भेदेन यो जीवति, वुरुड इति विश्वरूपः).

Dictionary: Apte
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