vastu वस्तु

Definition: n. (C.) place (rare); thing, substance, object; really existing thing; right thing, worthy object; object of (--°ree;); matter, circumstance; subject, subject-mat ter, plot, theme, contents; °ree;--, in reality: -ka, a. (--°ree;) having -as contents (anûna-, of weighty contents, extraordinary); -gâta, n. the aggregate of things; -tantra, a. depen dent on things, objective; -tas, ad. in reality; -tâ, f. being the object of (--°ree;); reality: in. in reality; -dharma, m. sg. & pl. true nature of things; -bhâva, m. reality: in. pl. in reality; -bheda, m. actual or essen tial difference; -rakanâ, f. elaboration of a plot; -vritta, n. actual fact; -sakti, f. sg. & pl. force of circumstances: -tas, ad. by the --; -sâsana, n. original edict; -sûnya, a. devoid of reality, unreal.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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