varayuvati वरयुवति

Definition: f. beautiful maiden; -yogya, fp. worthy of a boon; fit for a husband, marriageable; -yoshit, f. beautiful woman; -ra, a. granting boons; -ruki, a. fond of boons (Siva); m. Name of a poet, physician, grammarian, and lexicogra pher, sts. identified with Kâtyâyana, and enumerated among the nine gems at the court of Vikramâditya; -varana, n. choice of a boon; choice of a bridegroom; -varna, m. (?) gold; -varnin, a. having a beautiful com plexion: -î, f. fair-faced, beautiful, or excel lent woman; ep. of Durgâ; -vrita, pp. chosen as a boon.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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