vara वर

Definition: m. boon, gift, reward, benefit, blessing, favour (v/arāya-, v/aram /ā-, pr/ati v/aram-or v/araṃ varam-,"according to wish, to one's heart's content"; mad-varāt-,"in consequence of the boon granted by me"; v/araṃ-vṛ-,"to choose a boon"; varaṃ-yāc-or ā-kāṅkṣ-or brū-or Causal of pra-arth-,"to prefer a request"; v/araṃ-,"to grant a boon or blessing"; varam pra--or pra-yam- idem or 'm. (rarely n.; in fine compositi or 'at the end of a compound' f(ā-).) "act or object of choosing", election, wish, request'; varaṃ-labh-,"to receive a boon or reward") etc.