vand वन्द्

Definition: (see vad-) cl.1 A1. () v/andate- (Epic also ti-; perfect tense vavanda-, de- etc.; preceding vandiṣīm/ahi- ; future vanditā-, vandiṣyate- grammar; infinitive mood vanditum- etc.; vandādhyai- ; ind.p. vanditvā-vandya- etc.) , to praise, celebrate, laud, extol ; to show honour, do homage, salute respectfully or deferentially, venerate, worship, adore etc. ; to offer anything (accusative) respectfully to (dative case) : Passive voice vandyate- (Aorist avandi-, vandi-), to be praised or venerated etc. etc. Causal vandayati- (aor. avavandat- data-), to show honour to any one, greet respectfully : Desiderative See vivandiṣu-.

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: Dha1tup. ii , 10, RV., RV., MBh., RV. i , 27 , 1;61 , 5, MBh., RV., AV., S3a1n3khS3r., RV., Ma1rkP., RV., Ma1rkP.
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