vanaspatiḥ वनस्पतिः

Definition: वनस्पतिः [वनस्य पतिः नि˚ सुट्] 1 A large forest tree, especially one that bears fruit apparently without any blossoms; अपुष्पाः फलवन्तो ये ते वनस्पतयः स्मृताः Ms.1.47. -2 A tree in general; तमाशु विघ्नं तपसस्तपस्वी वनस्पतिं वज्र इवावभज्य Ku.3.74. -3 The Soma plant. -4 A stem, trunk. -5 A beam; pole, post. -6 A sacrificial post. -7 An offering to Vanaspati. -8 A wooden amulet. -9 A scaffold. -1 An ascetic. -Comp. -कायः the whole world of plants, vegetable kingdom.

Dictionary: Apte
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