vaiyākaraṇasiddhāntakārikā वैयाकरणसिद्धान्तकारिका

Definition: a very scholarly work by Bhattoji Diksita on the interpretation of words and sentences, based upon the learned discussions on that subject introduced in the Mahabhasya, Vakyapadiya, Pradipa, etc. and discussed fully in his Sabdakaustubha by the author himself. The work although scholarly and valuable, is compressed in only 72 verses (karikas) and has to be understood with the help of the Vaiyakaranabhusana or BhuSansara written by Kondabhatta, the nephew of the author. See वैयाकरणभूषण and वैयाकरणभूषणसार.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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