vaivasvataḥ वैवस्वतः

Definition: वैवस्वतः [विवस्वतो$पत्यम् अण्] 1 Name of the seventh Manu who is supposed to preside over the present age; see under Manu; वैवस्वतो मनुर्नाम माननीयो मनीषिणाम् R.1.11; U.6.18. -2 Name of Yama; यानं सस्मार कौबेरं वैवस्वतजिगीषया R.15.45. -3 Name of Agni. -4 One of the eleven Rudras. -5 The planet Saturn. -तम् The present age or Manvantara, as presided over by Manu Vaivasvata or the seventh Manu. -Comp. -मन्वन्तरम् Name of the 7th (the present) मन्वन्तर.

Dictionary: Apte
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