vaidya वैद्य

Definition: वैद्य a. (-द्यी f.) 1 Relating to the Vedas, spiritual. -2 Relating to medicine, medical. -द्यः [विद्या अस्त्यस्य अण्] 1 A learned man, scholar, doctor. -2 A medical man, physician; वैद्ययत्नपरिभाविनं गदं न प्रदीप इव वायुमत्यगात् R.19. 53; वैद्यानामातुरः श्रेयान् Subhaṣ. -3 A man of the medical caste, supposed to be one of the mixed classes; (the offspring of a Brāhmaṇa by a Vaiśya woman). Cf. Mb.13.49.9. -4 A man of a lower mixed tribe (the offspring of a Śūdra father by Vaiśya mother). -Comp. -क्रिया a doctor's profession, practice of medicine. -नाथः 1 Name of Dhanvantari. -2 of Śiva. -3 Name of a country. -बन्धुः Cassia Fistula (Mar. बाहवा). -मातृ, -सिंहा Gendarussa Vulgaris (Mar. अड्ळसा). -विद्या the science of medicine; also वैद्यशास्त्रम्.

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