vaiśeṣika वैशेषिक

Definition: वैशेषिक a. (-की f.) 1 Characteristic, special; विषये वर्तमानानां यं तं वैशेषिकैर्गुणैः (प्राहुर्विषयगोप्तारम्) Mb.12.47.7; 7.5.15. -2 Belonging to the Vaiśeṣika doctrine. -कः A follower of the Vaiśeṣika doctrine. -कम् [विशेषं पदार्थ- भेदमधिकृत्य कृतो ग्रन्थः ठञ्] One of the six principal Darśanas or systems of Hindu philosophy founded by Kaṇāda; it differs from the Nyāya philosophy of Gautama in that it recognizes only seven instead of sixteen categories or heads of predicables (the earlier writers e. g. Kaṇāda recognizing only six), and lays particular stress upon Viśeṣa.

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