vaśaṃgama वशंगम

Definition: name given in the Pratisakhya works to letter-combinations where a consonant gets a change suitable to the neighbouring consonants as given in the Rk.Pratisakhya in IV.1 to IV.5 including जश्त्व, अनुनासिकादेश, छत्व, परसवर्ण, अनुस्वार and others, as given in P. VIII.2.39, VIII.3.7, VIII. 3.23, VIII.4.40, 46, 58,59, 62, 63; cf. न ह्यत्र अवशंगमसंधाविव अपरिणतानि व्यञ्जनानि संयोगं गच्छन्ति Uvvata on R.Pr.IV.5.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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