vṛddha वृद्ध

Definition: a term used in Paninis grammar for such words or nouns (प्रातिपदिक) which have for their first vowel a vrddhi vowel, i. e. either अा or ऐ or अौ: e.g. शाला, माला etc.; cf. वृद्धिर्यस्य अचामादिस्तद् वृद्धम्; (2) a term applied to the eight pronouns headed by त्यत् for purposes of the addition of tad. affixes prescribed for the Vrddha words, such as छ by वृद्धाच्छ: P. IV.2.114: (3) a term applied to words having ए or ओ as the first vowel in them, provided such words denote districts of Eastern India, e. g. गोनर्द, भोजकट etc. cf. एङ् प्राचां देशे, P.I.1.73, 74 and 75; (4) a term used in the Pratisakhya works for a protracted vowel (प्लत) which has three matras; cf तिस्रॊ वृद्धम् R. T.44.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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