vāsuḥ वासुः

Definition: वासुः 1 The soul. -2 The soul of the universe, Supreme Being. -3 Name of Viṣṇu. -4 The constellation पुनर्वसु.वासुकिः vāsukiḥ वासुकेयः vāsukēyḥवासुकिः वासुकेयः Name of a celebrated serpent, king of snakes (said to be a son of Kaśyapa); सर्पाणामस्मि वासुकिः Bg.1.28; Ku.2.38; (hence वासुकेयस्वसा means 'the sister of the snake-god', an epithet of the deity Manasā; L. D. B.).

Dictionary: Apte
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