utpala उत्पल

Definition: उत्पल a. [उत्क्रान्तः पलं मांसम्] Fleshless, emaciated, lean. -ली A kind of cake made with unwinnowed corn. -लम् 1 A blue lotus, any lotus or water lily; नवावतारं कमलादिवोत्पलम् R.3.36,12.86; Me.26; नीलो- त्पलपत्रधारया Ś.1.18; so रक्त˚. -2 The plant Costus Speciosus (कोष्ठ). -3 A plant in general. -Comp. -अक्ष, -चक्षुस् a. lotus-eyed. -आभ a. lotus-like. -कोष्ठम् Name of a plant (Mar. कोष्ठकोळिंजन). -गोपा Name of a plant (Mar. श्वेत उपळसरी), the प्रियंगु creeper. -गन्धिकम् a variety of sandal of the colour of brass (which is very fragrant). -पत्रम् 1 a lotus-leaf. -2 a wound on the breast caused by a female's finger-nail, (generally made by lover's finger-nail); nail-print. -3 a Tilaka or mark on the forehead made with sandal. -4 a broad-bladed knife or lancet. -पत्रकम् a broad-bladed knife or lancet. -भेद्यकः a kind of bandage. -माला Name of a lexicon compiled by Utpala -राजः Name of a poet. -शारिवा see उत्पलगोपा (= श्यामा Ichno Carpus Frutescens (Mar. काळी उपळसरी). -श्रीगर्भः Name of a Bodhisattva.

Dictionary: Apte
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