utkram उत्क्रम्

Definition: (ud-kram-) P. (and rarely A1.) -krāmati-, -kramati- (Ved. imperfect tense 3. plural -akraman- ), -te- (perfect tense 3. plural -cakramus- ) to step up, go up, ascend etc. ; to step out, go out or away ; to pass away, die etc. ; to go over, pass over, omit ; not to notice ; to neglect, transgress etc.: Causal P. -kramayati- and -krāmayati-, to cause to go up or ascend etc.: Desiderative -cikramiṣati-, or -cikramiṣyati-, to wish to go up or out

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: AV. iv , 3 , 1, S3Br., AV., VS., TS., S3Br., Ka1tyS3r., R., Katha1s., S3Br., Mn., Nir., Ka1d., MBh., R., TS., S3Br., Kaus3., S3Br., ChUp.
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