usra उस्र

Definition: उस्र a. 1 Relating to, or seen in, the morning. -2 Bright, shining. -स्रः 1 A ray (of light), beam; सर्वैरुस्रैः समग्रैस्त्वमिव नृपगुणैर्दीप्यते सप्तसप्तिः M.2.13; R.4.66; Ki.5.31,34. शीर्षपुष्पोच्छ्रितैरुस्रैरुत्तंसितशिरोरुहाम्; Parṇāl. 4.36. -2 A bull; Rv.6.12.4. -3 A god. -4 The sun. -5 A day. -6 The two Aśvinīkumāras; Rv.2.39.3. -स्रा 1 Morning, dawn. -2 Light; bright sky. -3 A cow; स्वयमुस्राश्च दुह्यन्ते Mb.12.263.31. -4 The earth. -Comp. -धन्वन् a. having a bright bow. -m. Name of Indra. -यामन् a. going out early in the morning (as the Aśvins); Rv.7.74.1.

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