urvaśī उर्वशी

Definition: उर्वशी [उरून् महतो$पि अश्नुते वशीकरोति, उरु-अश्-क गौरा˚ ङीष् Tv.] 1 Name of a famous Apsaras or nymph of Indra's heaven who became the wife of Purūravas. [Urvaśī is frequently mentioned in the Ṛigveda; at her sight the seed of Mitra and Varuṇa fell down, from which arose Agastya and Va&siṣṭa; (see Agastya). Being cursed by Mitra and Varuṇa she came down to the world of mortals, and became the wife of Purūravas, whom she chanced to see while descending, and who made a very favourable impression upon her mind. She lived with him for some time, and went up to heaven at the expiration of her curse. Purūravas was sorely grieved at her loss, but succeeded in securing her company once more. She bore him a son named Āyus, and then left him forever. The account given in the Vikramorvaśīyam differs in many respects, where Indra is represented to have favoured Purūra-vas with her lifelong company though he had himself cursed her. Mythologically she is said to have sprung from the thigh of the sage Nārāyaṇa, q. v.] उर्वशी वै रुपिण्यप्सरसाम् Mbh.5.2.95; मर्त्तासश्चिदुर्वशीरकृप्रन् Av. 18.3.23; स्त्रीरत्नेषु ममोर्वशी प्रियतमा यूथे तवेयं वशा V.4.47. -2 Wish, ardent desire. -Comp. -तीर्थम् Name of a sacred place referred to in Bhārata. -नाममाला Name of a lexicon. -रमणः, -सहायः, -वल्लभः Name of Purūravas.

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