upasarjanam उपसर्जनम्

Definition: उपसर्जनम् 1 Pouring on. -2 A misfortune, calamity (as an eclipse), portent; ज्योतिषां चोपसर्जने (अनध्यायान्) Ms.4.15. -3 Leaving. -4 Eclipsing. -5 Any person or thing subordinate to another, a substitute. -6 (In gram.) A word which either by composition or derivation loses its original independent character, while it also determines the sense of another word (opp. प्रधान); e. g. in पाणिनीयः a pupil of पाणिनि, पाणिनि becomes उपसर्जन; or in राजपुरुषः, राजन् is उपसर्जन, having lost its independent character; P.I.2.43,48,57; II.2.3; IV.1.14,54; VI.3.82; आचार्योपसर्जनश्चान्तेवासी. -7 A kind of war-manoeuvre; तथा प्राग्भवनं चापसरणं तूपसर्जनम् Śuka.4.115.

Dictionary: Apte
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