upasad उपसद्

Definition: उपसद् a. Serving, waiting upon. -f. 1 Siege, assault, attack. -2 Laying up, accumulating. -3 Service, worship. -4 Name of a ceremony, forming part of the ज्योतिष्टोम ceremony, and lasting for several days. दीक्षानु- जन्मोपसदः शिरोधरम् Bhāg.3.13.37. -5 Name of a sacrificial fire. -Comp. -व्रतिन् a. observing the rules of the Upasad, i. e. drinking milk in certain quantities, sleeping on the bare earth, keeping silence &c. द्वादशाह- मुपसद्व्रती भूत्वा Bṛi. Up.6.3.1.

Dictionary: Apte
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