upasad उपसद्

Definition: उपसद् 1, 6 P. 1 To sit near to, go near, approach; अथ हैनं प्रस्तोता उपससाद Ch. Up.1.11.4. उपसेदुर्दशग्रीवम् Bk.9.92,3.12,6.135. -2 To sit at the feet of; उपाध्यायमुपासदम् Ks.18.21. -3 To wait upon, serve; (तं) आकल्पसाधनैस्तैस्तैरुपसेदुः प्रसाधकाः R.17.22; Śi.13.24. -4 To march against. -5 To try to get or obtain. -6 To sink down. -Caus. 1 To place near. -2 To lead towards. -3 To get, find.

Dictionary: Apte
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