upapad उपपद्

Definition: A1. -padyate-, (rarely P.) -ti-, to go towards or against, attack ; to approach, come to, arrive at, enter ; to approach or come to a teacher (as a pupil) ; to approach for succour or protection ; to approach or join with in speech ; to reach, obtain, partake of ; to enter into any state ; to take place, come forth, be produced, appear, occur, happen ; to be present, exist ; to be possible, be fit for or adequate to (with locative case) etc. ; to be regular or according to rules ; to become, be suitable etc.: Causal P. -pādayati-, to bring to any state (with two accusative) ; to cause anything (accusative) to arrive at (locative case or dative case), cause to come into the possession of, offer, present etc. ; to cause to come forth or exist ; to accomplish, effect, cause, produce etc. ; to get ready, prepare, make fit or adequate for, make conformable to ; to furnish or provide or endow with etc. ; to make anything out of ; to examine ; to find out, ascertain etc. ; to prove, justify commentator or commentary on etc. ; to attend on a patient, physic

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: AV. iv , 18 , 2, MBh., Pan5cat., VarBr2S., Ka1ran2d2., MBh., AitBr. vii , 17 , 5, MBh., R., Hariv., La1t2y., A1s3vGr2., Kaus3., Mn., MBh., MBh., R., Sus3r., S3ak., MBh., Ma1rkP., Mn., Ya1jn5., Ragh., La1t2y., MBh., Megh., MBh., R., MBh., Ka1m., Prab., R., Mn., Sarvad., Prab. , on, Kap., Sus3r. i , 56 , 20, Car.
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