upagam उपगम्

Definition: P. -gacchati- (infinitive mood -gantav/ai- ) to go near to, come towards, approach, arrive at, reach, attain, visit (with accusative and rarely dative case) etc. ; to come upon, attack ; to press hard upon etc. ; to occur, happen, present itself etc. ; to undertake, begin ; to approach (a woman sexually) ; to enter any state or relation, undergo, obtain, participate in, make choice of, suffer etc. ; to admit, agree to, allow, confess: Causal -gamayati-, to cause to come near or approach : Desiderative -jigamiṣati-, to wish to approach, desire to go

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: RV. x , 160 , 5, RV., S3Br., MBh., RV. i,53 , 9, MBh., Mr2icch., R., Megh., Pan5cat., S3Br., R., MBh., Mn., MBh., Ya1jn5., Kum., Ma1lav., Das3., BhP.
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