udyam उद्यम्

Definition: P. -yacchati- (Aorist -ayān- ), A1. (if the result of the action returns to the agent ) -yacchate- (Aorist -ayaṃsta-and -yamiṣṭa-) ; subjunctive -yaṃsate- ; (infinitive mood -y/amam- ) to lift up, raise etc. ; to raise, set up, elevate ; to put up or higher, carry or bring upwards etc. ; to hold out, present, offer (a sacrifice to gods, or any other thing to men) etc. ; to shake up, rouse ; to raise (one's voice, or rays, or light) ; to undertake, commence ; to be diligent, strive after (only P. exempli gratia, 'for example' udyacchati cikitsāṃ vaidyaḥ-,"the physician strives after the science of medicine" on ;with dative case or accusative or without any object) etc. ; to rein, curb ; to guide ; to keep away or off, restrain, check : Intensive -yamyamīti-, to raise, stretch out (the arms)