udvaha उद्वह

Definition: उद्वह a. 1 Carrying, leading up; Av.19.25.1. taking up or away. -2 Continuing, perpetuating (as a family); कुल˚ U.4; so रघु˚ 4.22; R.9.9;11.54. -3 Eminent, head, principal, best, foremost. दिशं पश्यन्ति तामेव यया यातो रघूद्वहः । Pratimā.2.3. -हः 1 A son; किमियं वक्ष्यतीत्येवं विममर्श भृगूद्वहः Mb.5.177.29. -2 One (i. e. the 4th) of the seven courses of air. -3 The vital air which conveys nourishment upwards. -4 One of the seven tongues of fire. -5 Marriage. -6 A chief or head of the family; रघूद्वहः R.9.9. -हा A daughter.

Dictionary: Apte
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