udghātaḥ उद्घातः

Definition: उद्घातः 1 P.VII.3.54. Beginning, commencement; उद्घातः प्रणवो यासाम् Ku.2.12; आकुमारकथोद्घातं शालिगोप्यो जगुर्यशः R.4.2. -2 Allusion, reference; कथोद्घाताः U.2. -3 Striking, wounding, inflicting an injury. -4 A stroke, blow, wound. -5 Tripping, slipping, jolting, shaking (as of a carriage); ययावनुद्घातसुखेन सो$ध्वना Śi.12.2; R.2.72; Ve.2.28; चक्र˚ V.1; U.5.1. v. l. -6 Rising, elevation. -7 A club, mallet. -8 A weapon (in general). -9 Breathing through the nostrils as a religious exercise (Wilson). -1 A division of a book, chapter; section.

Dictionary: Apte
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