udgai उद्गै

Definition: उद्गै 1 P. 1 To sing in a loud tone, sing aloud; उद्गास्यतामिच्छति किन्नराणाम् Ku.1.8; गेयमुद्गातुकामा Me.88; to sing (in general); उद्गीयमानं वनदेवताभिः R.2.12; निभृताक्षरमुज्जगे Śi.6.2. -2 To begin to sing; त्वं न उद्गायेति तथेति तेभ्योवागुदगायत् Bṛi. Up.1.3.2. -3 To sing or chant (applied to the singing of Sāmaveda); साम सामविदसङ्गमुज्जगौ Śi.14.21; cf. उद्गातृ. -4 To announce, to celebrate in song. -5 To sing before one (with acc.). -6 To fill or make resonant with song.

Dictionary: Apte
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