udbhid उद्भिद्

Definition: उद्भिद् a. [उद्-भिद्-क्विप्] 1 Sprouting, germinating, shooting forth. -2 Penetrating. -3 Destroying. -4 Causing to come forth. m. 1 A sprout or shoot (of a plant); अङ्कुरो$भिनवोद्भिदि Ak. -2 A plant; उद्भिदस्तरु- गुल्माद्याः Ak. -3 A spring, fountain. -Comp. -ज a. (उद्भिज्ज) sprouting, germinating (as a plant). (-ज्जः) a plant; उद्भिज्जाः स्थावराः सर्वे बीजकाण्डप्ररोहिणः Ms.1.46. -विद्या the science of Botany.

Dictionary: Apte
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