ucchri उच्छ्रि

Definition: उच्छ्रि [उद्-श्रि] U. 1 To rise, be erected. (Ā.) -2 To arise, erect, lift up. -3 To praise, extol. -Caus. 1 To increase; विजयसहजमस्त्रैर्वीर्यमुच्छ्राययिष्यन् Mv.1.8. -2 To raise, erect; उर्ध्वमेनामुच्छ्रापय Vāj.23.26.उच्छ्र ucchra (च्छ्रा cchrā) यः yḥउच्छ्र (च्छ्रा) यः [उद्-श्रि अच् घञ् वा] 1 Rising (of a planet &c.); शक्रपाते तथोच्छ्रये Y.1.147. -2 Raising, erecting. -3 Height, elevation (physical and moral); श्रृङ्गेच्छ्रायैः कुमुदविशदैर्यो वितत्य स्थितः खम् Me.6; K.15; Ki.7.27;8.23,17.61; Śi.4.1,8.22. -4 Growth, increase, intensity; गुण˚ Ki.8.21,16.1; नीतोच्छ्रायम् 5.31,14.21. -5 Pride. -6 The upright side of a triangle. -7 A kind of pillar (Junāgadh Rock Inscription of Rudradāman, Ep. Ind. Vol. III). -यी (उच्छ्रायी) Plank. -Comp. -उपेत a. possessing height, high, lofty, elevated.

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