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Definition: उच्च a. 1 High (in all senses); tall; क्षितिधारणोच्चं Ku.7.63; elevated, superior, exalted (family &c) -2 Loud, high-sounding; उच्चाः पक्षिगणाः Śi.4.18. -3 Intense, violent, strong. -4 (In astr.) Ascendant; see उच्चसंश्रय below. -च्चः 1 The apex of the orbit of a planet. -2 Height, high place; ज्वरश्च मरणं जन्तोरुच्चाच्च पतनं यथा Mb.12.28.25. -Comp. -अवच a. High and low, great and small; see उच्चावच. -गिर a. Having a loud voice; स्वगुणोच्चगिरो मुनिव्रताः Śi.16.29. -तरुः 1 the cocoanut tree. -2 a lofty tree in general. -तालः (heightened) music, dancing &c. at a tavern. -देवः Name of Viṣṇu or kṛiṣṇa. -देवता time personified, chronos. -ध्वजः Name of Śākyamuni. -नीच a. 1 high and low. -2 various, multiform. (-चम्) 1 the upper or lower stations of planets. -2 change of accent. -भाषणम् speaking aloud, vociferous. -भाषिन् a. shouting, bawling. -ललाटा, -टिका a woman with a high or projecting forehead. -संश्रय a. occupying a high station (said of a planet); ग्रहैस्ततः पञ्चभिरुच्चसंश्रयैः R.3.13; see Malli. thereon.

Dictionary: Apte
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