uḥ उः

Definition: उः 1 Name of Śiva, the second of the three syllables in ओम्; see अ. -2 Name of Brahmā. -3 The orb of the moon; cf. also उर्गौरीपतिरुः कालः सेतुर्नाथः परायणः । नारदो$र्को$निलः पाशी मार्कण्डेयो$थ रावणः ॥ Ek. -ind. 1 As a particle used expletively; उ उमेशः Sk. -2 An interjection of :-(a) calling; उ मेति मात्रा तपसो निषिद्धा पश्चादुमाख्यां सुमुखी जगाम Ku.1.26; (b) anger; (c) compassion; (d) command; (e) acceptance; (f) interrogation; उ मेति मात्रा तपसो निषिद्धा Ku.1.26. (g) wonder; यत्सन्निधावहमु खाण्डवमग्नये$दाम् Bhāg.1.15.8. or used merely as an expletive. In the Veda used as an enclitic copula implying restriction and emphasis (and, but, on the other hand, now, I ask &c.); in classical literature used chiefly with अथ (अथो), न (नो) and किम् (किमु); see these words. उ-उ or उत on the one hand-on the other hand, partly-partly.

Dictionary: Apte
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