tyaj त्यज्

Definition: cl.1. jati- (metrically also te-; perfect tense Ved. tity/āja-,Class. tat- ; tatyaja- ; future tyakṣyati- ; tyajiṣy- ; Aorist atyāhṣīt-; infinitive mood tyaktum-) to leave, abandon, quit etc. ; to leave a place, go away from etc. ; to let go, dismiss, discharge ; to give up, surrender, resign, part from, renounce etc. (tanum-or deham-or kalevaram-,"to abandon the body, die" etc.; prāṇān-or śvāsam-or jīvitam-,"to give up breath or life, risk or lose one's life" etc.) ; P. A1. to shun, avoid, get rid of, free one's self from (any passion etc.) etc. ; to give away, distribute, offer (as a sacrifice or oblation to a deity; tyajate-etymologically = ) etc. ; to set aside, leave unnoticed, disregard ; (ind.p. tyaktvā-) to except ; Passive voice tyajyate-, to be abandoned by, get rid of (instrumental case) : Causal tyājayati- (Aorist atityajat- ) to cause anyone to quit ; to cause anyone to give up ; to expel, turn out, ; to cause any one to lose, deprive of (instrumental case) ; to empty the body by evacuations : Desiderative tityakṣati-, to be about to lose (one's life, prāṇān-)

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
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