tuk तुक्

Definition: augment त् added (1) to the root चि in the form चित्य, the pot. pass. part. of चि cf. P. III. 1.132; (2) to the short vowel at the end of a root before a krt affix marked with the mute letter प् e.g. अग्निचित्, प्रहृत्य cf. P. VI. 1.71; (3) to a short vowel before छ् if there be close proximity (संहिता) between the two e. g. इच्छति, गच्छति; cf. P. VI. 1.73; (4) to the indeclinables अा and मा as also to a long vowel before छ, e. g. आच्छादयति, विचाच्छाद्यते: cf. P. VI. 1.74, 75; (5) to a long vowel optionally, if it is at the end of a word, e. g. लक्ष्मीच्छाया, लक्ष्मीछाया, cf. P. VI. 1.76; (7) to the letter न् at the end of a word before श्, e.g. भवाञ्च्छेते, cf. P. VIII. 3.31.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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