tuṅga तुङ्ग

Definition: तुङ्ग a. 1 High, elevated, tall, lofty, prominent; जल- निधिमिव विधुमण्डलदर्शनतरलिततुङ्गतरङ्गम् Gīt.11; तुङ्गं नगोत्सङ्ग- मिवारुरोह R.6.3,4.7; Śi.2.48; Me.12,66. -2 Long. -3 Vaulted. -4 Chief, principal. -5 Strong, passionate. -गः 1 A height, elevation. -2 A mountain. -3 Top, summit. -4 The planet Mercury. -5 A rhinoceros. -6 The coco-nut tree; Mb.12.262.7. -7 The aphelion of a planet. -8 (fig.) A throne; निपात्य तुङ्गाद्रिपुयूथनाथम् Bhāg.3.3.1. -9 A wise man. -1 An epithet of Śiva. -11 The Punnāga tree; तुङ्गस्तु शैलपुन्नागयोस्त्रिषु Nm. -गम् The stamina of the lotusblossoms. -Comp. -बीजः quicksilver. -भम् the apsis of a planet. -भद्रः a restive elephant, an elephant in rut. -भद्रा Name of a river (formed by the junction of Tuṅgā and Bhadrā)flowing into the Kṛiṣṇā. -मुखः a rhinoceros. -वेणा Name of a river. -शेखरः a mountain.

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