trayas त्रयस्

Definition: त्रयस् (Nom. pl. m. of त्रि, entering into comp. with some numerals) Three. -Comp. -चत्वारिंश a. forty-third. -चत्वारिंशत् a. or f. forty-three. -त्रिंश a. thirty-third. -त्रिंशत् a. or f. thirtythree. ˚पतिः an epithet of (a) Indra, (b) प्रजापति. -दश a. 1 thirteenth. -2 having thirteen added; त्रयोदशं शतम् 'one hundred and thirteen', -दशन् a. (pl.) thirteen. -दशक a. consisting of thirteen. (-कम्) the number thirteen. -दशम a. thirteenth. -दशी the thirteenth day of a lunar fortnight. -नवतिः f. ninety-three. पञ्चाशत् f. fifty-three. -विंश a. 1 twenty-third. -2 consisting of twenty-three. -विंशतिः f. twenty-three. -षष्टिः f. sixty three. -सप्ततिः f. seventy-three.

Dictionary: Apte
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