tithiḥ तिथिः

Definition: तिथिः m. or f. [अत्-इथिन् पृषो˚ वा ङीप् cf. Uṇ.4.2] 1 A lunar day; तिथिरेव तावन्न शउद्ध्यति Mu.5; Ku.6.93, 7.1. -2 The number '15'. -Comp. -अर्धः, -र्धम् (half the तिथि), a Karaṇa. -ईशः the regent of a lunar day. -क्षयः 1 the day of new moon. -2 the day on which a tithi begins and ends without one sunrise or between two sunrises. -पत्री an almanac. -पालनम् observance of the rites prescribed for the several lunar days. -प्रणीः (-णिः) the moon; सायंतनीं तिथिप्रण्यः पङ्कजानां दिवातनीम् Bk.5.65. -प्रलयः (pl.) difference between solar and lunar days in any particular period; Aryabhaṭṭa 3.6. -वृद्धिः f. the day in which a tithi is completed under two suns (one which comprises two sunrises).

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