ti ति

Definition: personal ending तिप् of the 3rd pers. sing.; (2) common term for the krt affixes क्तिन् and क्तिच् as also for the unadi affix ति; see क्तिन् and क्तिच्; (3) fem. affix ति added to the word युवन्. e. g. युवतिः cf. P. IV. 1.77; (4) tad. affix ति as found in the words पङ्क्ति and विंशति cf. Kas. on P.V.1.59; (5) tad. affix added to the word पक्ष in the sense of 'a root,' and to the words कम् and शम् in the sense of possession (मत्वर्थे); e.g. पक्षतिः, कन्तिः, शान्तिः, cf. Kas, on P. V.2.25, 138; (6) a technical term for the term गति in Panini's grammar, cf. उपसर्गाः क्रियायोगे; गतिश्च P. 1.4.59, 60. The term ति for गति is used in the Jainendra Vyakarana.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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