tatpada तत्पद

Definition: n. its place; the word tad; -padavî, f. his path: y-âm padam dhâ, set foot in his path=imitate or vie with him; -para, a. 1. following upon that; 2. (having that as the highest), occupied with that only; exclusively devoted to, intent on, (lc., --°ree;): -tâ, f. exclusive devotion, intentness; -pará yana, a. having that as their final aim; -pârsva, n. his side; -purusha, m. his servant: the example used to designate the class of determinative compounds (i. e. those in which the first part determines or limits the second, specifically those in which the first part has the sense of a case); -pûrva, a. happening for the first time; -pradhâna, a.dependent on her; -prahrishta, pp. pleased with that.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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