tapta तप्त

Definition: तप्त p. p. [तप्-क्त] 1 Heated, burnt. -2 Red-hot, -3 Melted, fused. -4 Distressed, pained, afflicted, -5 Practised (as penance). -6 (in Astr.) Opposed by. -प्तम् Hot water. -Comp. -काञ्चनम् gold purified with fire. -कुम्भः, -कूपः Name of a hell. -कृच्छ्रम् a kind of penance consisting in drinking hot water, milk and ghee for three days each, and inhaling hot air for three days; Ms.11.214; Y.3.318. -तप्त made hot repeatedly. -ताम्रम् red hot or melted copper; Bhāg.6. 9.14. -पाषाणकुण्डम् Name of a hell; L. D. B. -मुद्रा Mark of divine weapons stamped on the body by devotees with heated metals. -रूपम्, -रूपकम् purified silver. -लोमशः green vitriol. -लोहम्, -वालुकः, -शूर्मि- कुण्डम्, -सुराकुण्डम्, -सूर्मिः Name of different hells. -वालुकाः hot gravel; भुङ्क्ष्वैता भूयसी राजन्नर्जितास्तप्तवालुकाः Ks.72.15.

Dictionary: Apte
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