tam तम्

Definition: cl.4. t/āmyati- (;rarely A1. ; perfect tense tatāma- ; Aorist Passive voice atami- ;Ved. infinitive mood t/amitos-,with -preceding,"till exhaustion" ; perfect tense Passive voice parasmE-pada -tānt/a- q.v) to gasp for breath (as one suffocating), choke, be suffocated, faint away, be exhausted, perish, be distressed or disturbed or perplexed (n/a mā tamat-[aor. subj.]"may I not be exhausted") etc. ; to stop (as breath), become immovable or stiff ; to desire (see 2. ma-, mata-) : Causal tam/ayati- (Aorist Passive voice atāmi- ) to suffocate, deprive of breath ; see /a-tameru-.