t त्

Definition: the first consonant of the dental class of consonants which has got the properties श्वासानुप्रदान, अघोष, विवृतकण्ठत्व and अल्पप्राणत्व. When used as a mute letter by Panini, त् signifies the Svarita accent of the vowel of that affix or so, which is marked with it: e. g. कार्यम्, हार्यम्, पयस्यम् cf. P. VI.1.185. When appied to a vowel at its end, त् signifies the vowel of that grade only, possessed by such of its varieties which require the same time for their utterance as the vowel marked with त्, e. g. अात् stands for अा with any of the three accents as also pure or nasalised; अात् does not include अं or अ 3 cf. तपरस्तत्कालस्य P. I. 1. 70. The use of the indicatory mute त् for the above purpose is seen also in the Pratis akhya works; cf. V. Pr. I. 114 R. T. 234.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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