tācchabdya ताच्छब्द्य

Definition: use of a word for that word (of which the sense has been conveyed); the expression तादर्थ्या त्ताच्छब्द्यम् is often used by grammarians just like a Paribhasa; cf. अस्ति तादर्थ्यात्ताच्छब्द्यम् । बहुव्रीह्यर्थानि पदानि बहुव्रीहिरिति M. Bh. on P. I.1.29; similarly तृतीयासमास;for तृतीयार्थानि पदानि M.Bh. on P.I.1.30 or समासार्थे शास्त्रं समासः M. Bh. on P.I.2.43; (2) use of a word for that word of which there is the vicinity; cf. अथवा साहचर्यात् ताच्छब्द्यं भविष्यति। कालसहचरितो वर्णः। वर्णॊपि काल एव; M. Bh. on P.I.2.27 where the letter उ is taken in the sense of time required for its utterance, the reason being that sound and time go together; cf. also M.Bh. on P.I.2.70, IV.3.48, V.2.79; (3) use of a word for that which resides there; cf. तात्स्थ्यात्ताच्छब्द्यं भविष्यति M.Bh. on V.4.50 Vart. 3. At all the above places, the use of one word for another is by Laksana.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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