tṝ तॄ

Definition: तॄ 1 P. (तरति, ततार, अतारीत्, तरि-री-ष्यति, तीर्ण) 1 To cross over, cross; केनोडुपेन परलोकनदीं तरिष्ये Mk.8.23; स तीर्त्वा कपिशाम् R.4.38; Ms.4.77. -2 (a) To cross over, traverse (as a way); (अध्वानं) ततार ताराधिपखण्डधारी Ku.7.48; Me.19. (b) To sail across, navigate (as a river). -3 To float, swim; शिला तरिष्यत्युदके न पर्णम् Bk.12.77; Bṛi. S.8.14. -4 (a) To get over, surmount, overcome, overpower; धीरा हि तरन्त्यापदम् K.175; कृच्छ्रं महत्तीर्णः R.14.6; Pt.4.1; Bg.18.58; Ms.11.34. (b) To subdue, destroy, become master of. -5 To goto the end of, master completely; ततार विद्या R.3.3. -6 To fulfil, accomplish, perform (as a promise); दैवात्तीर्णप्रतिज्ञः Mu.4.12. -7 To be saved or rescued, escape from; गावो वर्षभयात्तीर्णा वयं तीर्णा महाभयात् Hariv. -8 To acquire, gain; मनोजवा अयमान आयसीमतरत् पुरम् Rv.8.1.8. -9 To move forward rapidly. -1 To fill completely, pervade. -11 To live through (a definite period). -12 To deliver, liberate from. -13 To strive together, compete. -Pass. (तीर्यते) To be crossed &c. -Caus. (तारयति-ते) 1 To carry or lead over; तारयस्व च मां गङ्गाम् Rām.7.46.29. -2 To cause to arrive at; नः पिता यो$स्माकमविद्यायाः परं पारं तारयसीति Praśna Up.6.8. -3 To save, rescue, deliver, liberate. -Desid. (तितीर्षति, तित- रिषति, तितरीषति) To wish to cross &c.; दोर्भ्यां तितीर्षति तरङ्गवतीभुजङ्गम् K.P.1.

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