svid स्विद्

Definition: स्विद् ind. A particle of interrogation or inquiry, often implying 'doubt', or 'surprise', and translateable by 'what,' 'hey', 'hallo', 'can it be that'. It is added to interrogative pronouns in this sense or to give an indefinite sense; कास्विदवगुण्ठनवती नातिपरिस्फुटशरीरलावण्या Ś.5.13; Me.14. It is sometimes used disjunctively in the sense of 'either,' 'or', with नु, उत, वा &c.; सरोजपत्रे नु विलीनषट्पदे विलोलदृष्टेः स्विदमू विलोचने । शिरोरुहाः स्विन्नतपक्ष्मसंतते- र्द्विरेफवृन्दं नु निशद्बनिश्चलम् ॥ Ki.8.35;12.15;13.8;14.6; see आहो also.

Dictionary: Apte
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