svastikaḥ स्वस्तिकः

Definition: स्वस्तिकः [स्वस्ति शुभाय हितं क] 1 A kind of mystical mark () on persons or things denoting good luck. -2 A lucky object. -3 The meeting of four roads. -4 The crossing of the arms, making a sign like the cross; स्तनविनिहितहस्तस्वस्तिकाभिर्वधूभिः Māl.4.1; Śi.1.43. -5 A palace of particular form. -6 A particular symbol made with ground rice and shaped like a triangle. -7 A kind of cake. -8 A voluptuary, libertine. -9 Garlic. -1 A kind of bard (who utters words of eulogy); पुरःसरैः स्वस्तिकसूतमागधैः Rām.2.16.46 (com. स्वस्तिका जयजयेति वादिनो बन्दिनः). -कः, -कम् 1 A mansion or temple of a particular form with a terrace in front. -2 A particular mode of sitting practised by Yogins (in which the toes are placed in the inner hollow of the knees). -3 A seat (पीठ) prepared for a deity; Mb.12.4.7. (com. स्वस्तिकान् सर्वतोभद्राद्यङ्कितानि देवतापीठानि). -Comp. -कर्ण a. marked on the ear with the figure स्वस्तिक. -पाणि a. 1 crossing hands like स्वस्तिकं. -2 holding auspicious things in hands; श्रुत्वा चेदं वचनं पार्थिवस्य सर्वं पुरं स्वस्तिकपाणिभूतम् Mb.4.68.27 (com. स्वस्तिकं मङ्गलारार्तिकादि दधिदूर्वादि च पाणौ यस्य तत् स्वस्तिकपाणिभूतम्).

Dictionary: Apte
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