svasti स्वस्ति

Definition: f. well-being, fortune, success (V.; rarely in P., E.): V. in. í, ad. well, hap pily, successfully (V., C.): w. d.=farewell; hail (at beg. of a letter); (fr. this ad. arose an apparently indecl. n. n.,=nm. or ac., meaning) welfare, prosperity, luck (V., C.): -ka, m. kind of bard (rare); auspicious mark, cross with ends bent round; crossing of the hands on the breast; kind of cross-shaped cake; n. sitting with crossed legs; -kâra, m. bard who cries &open;hail;&close; exclamation svasti; -tâ, f. condition of well-being (Br.); -d&asharp;, a. bestowing welfare (RV.); -mát, a. faring well, safe, happy (V., C.); auspicious (RV.); containing the word svasti (Br.); -vâk, f. benediction, congratulation; -vâkana, n. in vitation addressed to Brâhmans to pronounce a blessing on an undertaking; fee presented on such an occasion; -vâkanika, a. pro nouncing a blessingon anything; -vâkya, fp. to be asked to pronounce a blessing on an undertaking; n.=-vâkana.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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