svara स्वर

Definition: m. tone in recitation etc. (either high or low), accent (of which there are three kinds, udātta-, anudātta-qq. vv., and svarita-, column 3), a note of the musical scale (of which seven [rarely six or eight] are enumerated, 1. niṣāda-;2. ṛṣabha-;3. gāndhāra-;4. ṣaḍja-;5. madhyama-;6. dhaivata-;7. pañcama-[described as resembling respectively the notes of an elephant, bull, goat, peacock, curlew or heron, horse, and Koil;and designated by their initial letters or syllables thus, ni-; -; ga-; ṣa-; ma-; dha-; pa-],but the order is sometimes changed, ṣadja-being placed first, and niṣāda-last) etc.