svaira स्वैर

Definition: a. moving slowly or cautiously (rare): -m, ad. according to one's own inclination or will, of one's own accord, with out let or hindrance, without more ado, at random; freely, unreservedly (speak); slow ly, softly, cautiously; fearlessly; lc. pl. svai reshu, in cases when one is unreserved, in indifferent matters: -kathâ, f. unreserved conversation; -ka-m, ad. straight out; -gati, a. going about free, being at liberty; -kârin, a. acting at will, free; -vihârin, a. walking about at pleasure; meeting with no resistance (command); -vritta, pp. acting according to one's will; -vritti, a. living subject to no control, acting without restraint; -stha, a. standing unconcerned; -½âlâpa, m. unreserved conversation.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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