sva स्व

Definition: personal-ending of the second person sing. Atmanepada in the imperative mood; cf थास: से | सवाभ्यां वामौ | P.III.4.80, 91; (2) a term used in the sense of स्ववर्गीय (belonging to the same class or category) in the Pratisakhya works; cf स्पर्श: स्वे R.T.25; cf. also कान्त् स्वे R. T. 1. 55;cf.also R, Pr.IV.1; and VI.1;(3) cognate, the same as सवर्ण defined by Panini in तुल्यास्यप्रयत्नं सवर्णम् P. P.I.1.9; the term is found used in the Jain grammar works of Jainendra, Sakatayana and Hemacanda cf ]ain. I.1.2 SikI. 1.2; Hema. I.1.17.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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